Did you know that there are over 300 essential oils available from around the world? Only about 150 essential oils are used in aromatherapy.

Did you also know that only around 70 of those essential oils are available as 'organic' as a resource, worldwide?

Did you know that many plants used to produce essential oils are only grown in site specific needs of an environment/country?
We are often asked if we 'produce' our essential oils used. We currently use 32 different organic essential oils in our various blends. Our blends are indeed limited by the organic essential oils available worldwide. Some essential oils that we'd like to use in our blends are very simply not available as an organic supply.

Did you know that huge amounts of plants are required to produce the concentrated extracts of essential oils?
It takes roughly 30 kg of rose petals to produce 15 mL of rose essential oil, & 70 kg of lavender flowers to produce 500 mL of lavender essential oil. Hence, why so many pure essential oils are expensive. Add on the added costs associated with an organically grown & extracted oil, & the expense is multiplied.

Did you know that in the US, essential oils are not regulated or certified for quality control?
It's estimated that 77% of essential oils available in the US are synthetic- produced from petrochemicals & are toxic. Synthetic oils offer no therapeutic value through aromatherapy or use. Another 21% of the available oils in the US are considered to be adulterated with fillers to cut the oil, or synthetic compounds to enhance their natural aromas. Only 2 % of the the essential oils sold in the US are considered to be pure.

Considering the above facts, do you still believe the marketing strategies used by the large US multi-tiered essential oil companies, without question?

The best grading of essential oil quality is that of 'organic', Grade 1- grown without pesticides or herbicides, & extracted using approved methods. There is a chain of supply that can be tracked worldwide.

There is no such thing as 'Therapeutic Grade' essential oils available from essential oil suppliers/brokers worldwide. 'Therapeutic Grade' is a registered trademark created & used by US multi-tiered essential oil companies as a marketing strategy to imply that their products are "better than organic". Their testing might guarantee the purity of their offered oils, but their oils are not necessarily organic in supply. Their supplied oils are generally inferior grades of oil that are tested to ensure the oils have not been adulterated or cut by a supplier. A Grade 3 100% pure essential oil is of a specified botanical species, but is blended from various supply sources for economy. Chemicals can be used during growing. The supply chain of the blended specified essential oil can not be traced.

If you want a quality 100% pure essential oil, 'organic' is the top graded- Grade 1- in supply. Read product ingredient labels always...they provide your best guide. Ingredients are required to be listed in descending percentage order of content in Australia. If the only organic ingredient falls at the end of a listing, it might only be 1% or less of the content- that doesn't negate 99% or more chemical exposure from the other ingredients...yet that 1% or less content allows 'organic' terms to be used in marketing! Become's your choice- an informed person makes informed decisions!