ilo ORGANICS select quality food-grade plant oils for use in our handcrafted soaps for their conditioning benefits offered to the skin. Different plant oils provide handcrafted soaps with varying qualities of hardness, smell and lather. The achieved lather can range from tiny, slippery long-lasting bubbles (as with olive oil soap), to big, fluffy, short-lived bubbles (as with coconut oil soap). 

Commercially produced soaps are based on petrochemicals, and are further chemically buffered to produce those qualities in soap. Our bodies were never meant to process petrochemicals, and 60% of chemicals are absorbed through the skin. The skin represents the largest organ of the human body. Your skin will respond to the natural conditioning lather provided by any of ilo ORGANICS handcrafted organic soaps, and reward you with naturally moisturised skin. 

ilo ORGANICS presents a range of handcrafted soaps which are simply based on mild, soothing oils to nurture the skin whilst gently cleansing it. There are no added chemicals, colours or fragrances. The selected oils produce a softer soap. We do not believe in adding other cheaper oils (such as palm oil, on ethical grounds) to make the soap more durable. We believe that the durability of our handcrafted soaps is not impacted on if the soap is cared for - by keeping it well drained and aired on the temporary drainer that is provided with all ilo ORGANICS soaps.


The plant oils used in ilo ORGANICS soaps are produced from certified organic crops - grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or GMO’s. The oils are extracted through hydraulic cold pressing - without the use of heat or chemical solvents. The oils are certified in Australia by either ACO or NASAA. Wherever possible, the oils used are produced in Australia.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from the oldest + largest Certified
Organic Olive Grove in Australia

Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is sourced from the pristine Organic Coconut
in the Fijian Islands 



  • cold pressed from the fruit of the species Persea americana
  • carries a faint natural odour
  • rich in antioxidants, amino acids, Omega 3 fatty acid, pantothenic acid, phytosterols + tocopherols (Vit E)
  • lecithin, potassium + sterol in content readily softens skin
  • ACO certified organic
  • produced in Australia


  • cold pressed from the seeds of the species Camellia oleifera (the tea plant)
  • rich in linoleic, linolenic and oleic fatty acids
  • rich in omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, tocopherols (Vit E) and polyphenols
  • highly penetrating and moisturising, maintaining a healthy skin pH
  • suitable for all skin types, including allergy prone skin
  • ACO certified organic


  • cold pressed from the seeds of the species Ricinus communis
  • carries a very mild, natural odour
  • rich in ricinoleic acid (90%) - renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties,
    and ability to sooth irritation
  • low molecular weight allows deep penetration into the skin
  • an emulsifying agent, creating a creamy and fluffy, moisturising low lather
  • a small amount of organic castor oil is combined with the other plant oils to
    naturally enhance the lathering quality of all the ‘organic’ soaps produced
  • ACO certified organic
  • produced in Germany


  • cold pressed from the coconut kernel of the species Cocos nucifera
  • retains its natural, slight coconut odour
  • rich in lauric acid (50%) - renowned for its anti-microbial properties
  • an excellent emollient - creating a protective moisturising barrier on the
  • produces a rich, fluffy lather
  • the only plant oil to lather in both salt and bore water
  • organically grown
  • produced in Fiji


  • cold pressed from the fruits of the species Olea europaea
  • retains its natural, slightly pungent olive odour
  • rich in oleic acid (up to 81%) and chlorophyll
  • low 0.8% acidity creates a soothing, moisturising low lather
  • NASAA certified organic
  • produced in Australia


  • cold pressed from the seeds of the species Cannabis sativa
  • rich in alpha-linolenic and linoleic acids, gamma-linolenic acid,
    oleic acid, phytosterols and tocopherols (Vit E)
  • excellent emollient and moisturizing properties
  • ACO certified organic
  • Produced in USA


  • by-product created by the molecular changes in the oils during the
    saponification process of soap making
  • attracts moisture to the skin
  • handcrafted, cold processed soap retains its naturally produced
    glycerine content
  • highly sought after in the cosmetics industry for its moisturising
    qualities, and is removed from commercially produced soap for use in



  • produced from the species Coffea Arabica
  • 5.2 – 6.9 pH range equates to pH range of human skin
  • caffeine content works as an antifungal, and astringent, selective
  • ground roast coffee ‘beans’ gently exfoliate dead skin cells, and
    neutralise and absorb strong odours
  • imported and roasted in Australia


  • finely ground natural sea salt harvested from the world’s oceans
  • rich in minerals
  • natural gentle skin scrub and detoxifier
  • produces a rich, creamy soap lather when combined with selected
    saponified plant oils
  • salt of natural l-lactic acid
  • produced by the natural fermentation of sugars found in beets + corn
    (certified GMO free)
  • humectant attracting moisture to the skin
  • naturally enhances soap hardness + longevity


  • water is filtered using the best filtration media currently available in
    the world
  • filtration media removes: algae, arsenic, bacteria, chloramines,
    chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, fungi, pesticides



Check INGREDIENTS list for allergens before using soap.  

Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. The sea salt content of ‘salti’ soap might
cause stinging to mucus membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) - use with care.

Soaps are best used within 12 months of the manufacturing date printed on soap
labels. Some discolouration may become evident as oils arise to the soap surface
due to evaporation and temperature variations.


ilo ORGANICS soaps are made with quality certified organic plant oils - creating a pure, natural, additive-free product to gently cleanse and nourish the skin.  Use the soaps with confidence, and enjoy the benefits as the skin is lavished in the naturally moisturising, creamy lather.


ilo ORGANICS range of handmade, organic soap types:

avi - blended organic coconut + avocado oils* soap
 - blended organic coconut + camellia seed oils* soap
coci - blended organic coconut oil* soap
cofi - blended organic coconut + olive oils* + brewed and ground coffee soap
hemi - blended organic coconut, olive + hemp seed oils* soap
oli - blended organic olive oil* soap
salti - blended organic coconut + olive oils* + sea salt soap
vari - blended organic coconut + olive oils* soap

* all ilo ORGANICS soaps contain a small amount of organic castor oil to enhance the lather quality naturally