weights + measures

ilo ORGANICS soaps are handmade using the cold process method of soap-making.
They are left to “cure” - a term used to refer to leaving the soaps to evaporate the water
content and harden - for varying periods of time between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on
the soap type and sizing. The soaps are then packaged for sale, but the evaporation
process continues over time. The weights can therefore vary slightly after packaging.

ilo ORGANICS soaps are sighted and cut by hand after making. The cutting blade can
sometimes angle with the force required.
To comply with the requirements of The National Measurement Institute - which
allows for a variation percentage in soaps/evaporation, the weights ilo ORGANICS
indicates on products are undervalued. The weight of a single soap cake (square block)
is on average 150g, but the indicated net weight is 135g minimum when packed.
At 150g average weight, our soaps are sized 50% larger than an average commercial
cake of soap at 100g.

SINGLE CAKES: 135g min*

COFI CAKES: 75g min* each round cake

SALTI CAKES: 85g min* each round cake

INDI CAKES: 20g min* each individual cake

* minimum net weight when packed - product weight can vary due to continuing evaporation


Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not ingest.
Check INGREDIENTS for allergies.
Sea salt content of ‘salti’ soap can cause stinging to sensitive mucous membranes of
eyes, nose and mouth, and broken skin. Use with caution to these areas.
Best used within 12 months of manufacture date on label.

Keep soap well aired and drained at all times on drainer provided with soap to ensure
longevity of soap.